I am a girl, aged 26.

I wear size XS/S tees and have a waist size of 26. I am slim; not anorexic but fairly slim-built.
No, I am not dieting if I am not eating a meal. I am simply not hungry.

I don’t grow my nails.
No, it isn’t because I am a small-town girl who doesn’t know how to look presentable, but because I can’t maintain.

I am a girl who doesn’t like wearing jewelry.
No, it isn’t because I am tomboyish, but because I find beauty in simplicity.


I have completed my graduation and am earning quite a decent salary.
No, I am not marrying because it’s the right age. I don’t care what YOU think is right for me. I’m marrying because I want to settle down with my best friend.

I do not dream for a “Prince Charming”.
Not because I am a realistic person, but because I am human, and I would be comfortable with someone as human as me.

I don’t like to cook.
No, it isn’t because I am a modern-day woman who thinks cooking is beneath her, but because I have absolutely no interest in it.

I love.
No, it isn’t to get love back in return, but because love calms me.

I don’t gossip.
No, it isn’t because I think it is wrong to gossip, but because I enjoy my own company and I have least interest in others’ lives.

I don’t talk much.
No, it isn’t because I am weak or feeble, but because I am a keen observer.

I laugh out loud.
No, it isn’t because I am manner-less, but because I love laughing.

I menstruate.
No, I do not like discussing it with people; not because I think of it as taboo, but only because it is a private thing for me.

I go to religious places or ceremonies even when I am supposedly ‘impure’.
No, it isn’t to disrespect Gods, but only because I have a logical and rational mind.

I don’t go to temples frequently.
No, it isn’t because I am an atheist, but because I actually believe that God is omnipresent.

I am flat-footed, one of my legs is a tiny bit shorter than the other, my arms are thin, I have an extremely piercingly shrill voice, and I have slightly crooked toes.

Oh, and did I tell you that people call me weird all the time? 😛

All I can say is, I take pride in being one!

One mature person who knows when to be immature.

Maturity allows you to take charge of your life. You can create a happy, healthy life when you respect yourself first.

You appreciate when others praise or compliment you. It feels good when they approve. However, you know that there will always be people who disapprove but you are confident in who you are and what you do.