One day you meet someone under the strangest circumstances.

The connection is instantaneous. Like it’s a predestined meeting. Like you’ve been together before. This person evokes the right emotions in you, in the right places.


No, you’re not friends. You’re not lovers either. It’s one of those relationships that doesn’t confine itself to labels. You like each other without question, calculation or reason. It’s clear from the beginning that the two of you belong together at some level. It’s evident in your conversations and the silences that punctuate these conversations.

You hum forgotten songs. You gather childhood memories together. You share dreams with each other. You share disappointments too. You smile. You sulk. Then somewhere in between all this, you look at your palm and wonder if the name of this person lies buried in its lines and if chance encounters like these are fated by our previous lives.


You’ve always believed that there is a reason why people wander into your life. There are no coincidences. Fate lines are connected in ways you can’t comprehend. You may not understand the reason at that particular moment but somewhere down the road, when you look back, it’s easy to connect the dots.

Some people stay. Some people leave. People you thought will walk with you find their own paths and disappear. And surprisingly, people you thought will move away, gravitate back towards you after they disappear for a while. You can’t help but think if this person will stay or leave. Because nothing hurts as much as the thought of losing someone you get close to, to life.

And because we’re always inquisitive about how things will end, aren’t we?

We take a quick glance at the epilogue before we begin reading a new book. But relationships are complicated. You seldom have answers to how they evolve or end. All you know is that the universe works in mysterious ways.


All you remember is “Nothing lasts forever.”

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* Dedicated to a stranger who is more dearer to me than the assembly of acquaintance.